Introduction πŸš€

Bridgecard Issuing has two types of environments, a production and sandbox environment. Here’s the difference between both environments.


Production: This environment is for live apps, they issue real cards that can be used online.


Sandbox: Use this environment while you are still developing, they are free to call, provide you with live-like data and they have the same implementation as the production environment so you don’t have to write two different codes.


For each of the environments on Bridgecard Issuing you will require an access token and a secret key.

To get these you will have to create an account with us.

Nice now that you have an account up and running, you can get your access token and secret key for both the sandbox or production environments by clicking the API Keys tab on your dashboard homepage. For the sake of this test we will be setting up this application in a sandbox environment and so we will be using our sandbox keys. Sandbox keys usually start with β€œtest” keyword and are free to use.

We currently support only the issuing of virtual dollar cards

Get your API keys

Your API requests are authenticated using API keys. Any request that doesn't include an API key will return an error.

You can generate an API key from your Dashboard at any time.

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